My Body, My Choice… Right?

The argument most often invoked for the continuing of abortions is that it’s a woman choice to do with her body as she chooses, and the government should not interfere with a decision that is hers and hers alone, and her doctor, so we’re told.

This argument is rife with flaws though, because as laws dictate, it’s really not my body after all.

If my body was my body to do with as I choose, then why would I be involuntarily admitted to a mental institution for evaluation if I exhibited behavior that proved harmful to me?

For example, I no longer find my right hand convenient and no longer desire to have the use of my right hand; after all, I’m left handed, so do I really need my right hand?

I choose to cut off my right hand. I’ve not harmed any other person; I’ve not caused a panic among society; I’ve merely decided my right hand is no longer of use to me and I wished to rid myself of this appendage.

Under the Florida Mental Health Act, commonly known as the Baker Act, I would be involuntarily admitted to a mental institution for evaluation to determine if I am of sound mind. I could be held up to 72 hours before a judge determines the next course of action, unless the doctor determines I am fit to be released or should be kept for a longer stay pending more evaluations and treatment.

So am I really in control of my body?

Let’s propose for a moment that I wish to smoke marijuana in the comfort of my home. I do not drive while “high” and I don’t sell to anyone, I merely enjoy lighting up a joint after a long day. According to Florida law and federal law, I can be arrested and incarcerated for using an “illegal” substance. A substance I am choosing to put only in my body. I’m not hurting anyone else; it’s my choice, right?

So am I really in control of my body?

The answer to the two examples is a resounding no, I am not in control of my body after all.

So let’s apply this same standard to the argument for abortions. The argument that states it’s my body and I can do with it what I choose. The fact is it is not my body I am choosing to do with what I want; it is a separate body within my own. So I am not choosing to do with my body what I want; I am choosing to remove another body from my own.

In any other instance, outside the womb of course, this would be called murder.

Disclaimer: The examples used in this blog are examples only; I do not use any illegal substance and I will not be removing any body parts.

2 thoughts on “My Body, My Choice… Right?

  1. I agree with both your examples, you would not be the only person with an opinion on what to do with your body in those circumstances but this doesn’t lead on very well to your conclusion. It would have made more sense to then go on to say how if there are laws protecting you from yourself, there should also be laws protecting the foetus from harm (as you seem to fall on the side of the debate that a foetus is a person, so do I). But your argument flows from, people say it is up to me what I do with my body so it is up to me whether I have an abortion, but it isn’t really up to me because look at these examples where it isn’t up to me (which I really liked, I hadn’t thought about it like that before) but then you say that is isn’t actually your body anyway and that your just killing the child which made me wonder why you brought up your previous arguments which didn’t actually link in that well to your conclusion. But your first two arguments are really thought provoking

    • Interesting thoughts – thank you. I guess where I was going is that it’s not our body we are choosing to remove and the argument is flawed because of that… and because of the fact that there are a good many laws that are anti-choice when considered. Thank you for the comments.

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